Written On Water Project aims at bridging formal and non-formal education to get students close to work realities, by offering an innovative practical training focusing on the issue of rivers and water pollution.

More specifically, WoW’s objective is to encourage the development of environmental awareness and green skills of young people, in order to promote their interest in scientific careers. This will be achieved by WBL paths for students, in which water analysis experience will be the main goal.
In addition, the project aims at supporting the professional development of teachers and trainers by increasing their relevant didactic and methodological skills, and to promote collaboration between schools and  companies/organizations across Europe.

The project consists in students’ first-hand experience of water sampling and analysis, which will be delivered in three different partner countries, namely Italy, Poland and Croatia.
The partnership is composed by 3 schools and 4 organizations with a long-standing experience in the scientific field and environmental conservation.