The project Written On Water has lead to the production of the Guidelines on the development of WoW methodology to strengthen competencies based on WBL. The document is addressed to teachers and educators interested in taking inspiration from the project innovative and effective approach.

WBL – work-based learning is a teaching/educational strategy that enables students to experience real-life work surroundings, to move from pure facts they learned in course books and to apply both academic and technical skills in order to improve their employability. This teaching strategy actually joins theory from the course books with practical situation in the work environment. It comprises formal, non-formal and informal teaching methods, focusing on students soft and hard skills, putting the students in the centre of teaching environment thus allowing them to explore, learn and apply their knowledge.

In this webpage, you can download the document produced by the WOW team, as a part of the intellectual outputs of the project, under the supervision of the quality committee. The document and its attachments could be useful to better understand the fieldwork activities and the achieved results, in order to reply them in different contexts.

The contents of this document do not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of the Erasmus+ European Agency. Neither the EEA nor any person acting on behalf the Agency is responsible for the use which might be made of any information contained in this document.

The EEA funds all activities of the WOW project.


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